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I'm Dr Helen Okoye, MD, MBA, MS-Epi. I'm an experienced professional with a Doctor of Medicine as seen on NBC News, Yahoo, Huff Post and Ausmed.

, if you’ve been following a strict low carb or Keto diet, but you’re still having trouble losing weight or find yourself stuck in a weight loss plateau…

Below you'll find your Ketosis Test result and how you should approach your Keto Diet differently in order to get the best results.

, you can now view your Ketosis Test result in full below:

Despite Eating A Strict Low Carb, High Fat Diet—Your Body Is Still Far Away From “Level 3 Ketosis”

And you’re experiencing a severe weight-loss stall.

Now, I know this is disheartening to hear.

After all, you’ve been limiting your carb intake to 10-15 grams a day, monitoring your protein intake and consuming a diet rich in fats.

So how could your body still be far away from Level 3 Ketosis?

And more importantly:

How could you have entered a weight-loss stall—one that is preventing you from not only losing weight, but also contributing to you GAINING weight—when you’ve been doing all the “right” things?

, I know you’re concerned with a mind full of questions.

And for good reason:  

The Keto Diet is one of the most trusted and relied upon techniques for losing weight.

But, why isn’t it working for you?

Why have YOU stopped losing weight—and worse, even started GAINING weight?

I’ll explain why and how you can defeat the hidden factors preventing you from reaching Level 3 Ketosis in just a moment, but first you need to know:

What Exactly Level 3 Ketosis Is (And Why It’s So Crucial To Reach This Level If You Want To Break Your Weight Loss Stall)

, you probably already know what Ketosis is.

And how the entire goal is to burn fat.

But chances are what you don’t know is there are 3 levels of Ketosis, and each level represents how well your body burns fat vs sugar (carbs).

% of Calories Burned from Fat for Each Ketosis Level

And as you can see from the chart above, ...

Not all levels of Ketosis are created equal.

In some you effortlessly lose weight

In others you see no difference

In others you experience a weight-loss plateau and even put on weight…

That’s Why Understanding The 3 Ketosis Levels Is The Key To Discovering Why You’re Experiencing A Weight Loss Stall—Even Though You’ve Been Following The Keto Diet

What exactly are these levels?

Level 1 Ketosis Type is not considered “ketosis”. Your body is mainly burning carbs (not fats) for energy. At this level, you’re far away from maximum fat burning.

Level 2 Ketosis Type is light nutritional ketosis. Your body is in semi-Ketosis mode—as it switches from burning carbs to fats for energy. You’ll be getting a good effect on your weight, but not optimal.

Only at Level 3 Ketosis Type is “optimal ketosis”. Your body is burning maximum fat in minimum time and you’ll experience effortless weight-loss.

In other words ...

Only In Level 3 Ketosis Can You Induce Optimal Ketosis And Lose Maximum Weight In Minimum Time!


Because only at this level does your body have the lowest level of the fat-storing hormone, insulin.

What exactly is insulin and why do you need low-insulin levels if you want to break your weight-loss stall and melt away the pounds?

, insulin is the hormone responsible for fat storage.

Not only does it “inhibit” the breakdown of fat cells, but also stimulates the creation of body fat—which means the more insulin you have, the more fat you put on. And the harder it becomes to lose weight.

In other words, ...

Only when your insulin levels are low does your metabolism break down fat deposits in your body and you lose weight.

As Soon As Your Body Reaches This Level Of Ketosis, It’s Called “Optimal Ketosis” And You’ll Effortlessly Break Your Weight Loss Stall And Melt Away Your Unwanted Body Fat!

This occurs in Level 3 Ketosis because:


Optimal Ketosis increases fat oxidation — so your body begins to burn dietary fat and your own body fat as its primary source of fuel.


Optimal Ketosis regulates hormones that affect weight — which helps you avoid cravings for unhealthy foods, reducing the chances of gaining the weight back.


Optimal Ketosis aids in appetite suppression — so you lose weight effortlessly and without frustration.

But that’s not all, ...

Level 3 Ketosis, known as “Optimal Ketosis” also leads to other benefits such as improved energy levels, enhanced mental focus, increased longevity and protection from certain diseases—including the reversing of Type 2 Diabetes.

So if you want to overcome your severe weight loss stall, then inducing Optimal Ketosis is the only way to experience a breakthrough and burn away your unwanted body-fat.

But Unfortunately… You’re STUCK At Level 2 Ketosis—Which Means Your Body Is Continuing To Burn Sugar And Carbs (Instead Of Fats) For Energy...

… and this is leading to the secretion of MORE insulin and not only a weight-loss stall, but also to the GAINING of weight!

Increased risk of diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes)

, what you are experiencing is called the “insulin-fat storage” trap and it’s preventing you from reaching Level 3 Ketosis.

Why is this happening?

You Can Get Stuck In Level 2 Ketosis (And Experience A Weight-Loss Stall) Because:


You may be consuming too much protein — if you eat large amounts of meat, eggs and meats, the excess protein will convert into glucose in the body—raising your insulin levels which prevents you from reaching Level 3 Ketosis.


You may be consuming more carbs than you should — Only 5% of your diet should be coming from carbs. Ideally you want to consume 10-15 grams of carbs a day, however most people stuck in Level 2 Ketosis are consuming 30 grams (or more).


You may not be eating enough calories — without eating enough fat-rich calories it will be extremely difficult for your body to induce optimal ketosis.


Your metabolism may be stubborn or broken — preventing you from breaking down fat cells and losing weight.

And Because Of These Factors, You May Even Start Experiencing Negative Side Effects In Level 2 Ketosis Such As:


The Keto-Flu — composed of excessive feelings of fatigue, weakness or lightheadedness—maybe even all of the above.


Pocket Obesity — which may appear as a frustrating muffin top or beer gut that makes your pants fit too tightly, unsightly pockets of fat on the hips or butt for women or embarrassing extra fat on the chest for men appearing as “man boobs”.


Facial Fat — which makes you look swollen and bloated.


Even constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination, muscle cramps and reduced strength and physical performance.

And the more you stay at Level 2 Ketosis, the more likely you are to experience these symptoms (and more).

This “Insulin-Fat Storage” Trap Is Why You’re Experiencing These Side Effects And Still Far Away From Optimal Ketosis—Even Though You’re Consuming A Keto Diet

So does this mean Keto doesn’t work?

Of course not, .

The Keto Diet works—and it works well—as long as you know how to “induce” optimal ketosis.

How do you induce optimal ketosis?

Based on your answers to the quiz, making these 3 changes to your diet will help you get started:

CHANGE #1: Don’t assume low carb or even ‘zero’ carb equals optimal ketosis

Everyone responds to different levels of carbs, fat, and protein differently. It’s not enough to just eat what you think is a low amount of carbs.

Your metabolic history, daily activities, or any other factor may mean you can only tolerate 15g of carbs per day before getting kicked out of ketosis whereas someone else can tolerate up to 100 grams of carbs per day. In other words, make sure you find your carbs tolerance level.

CHANGE #2: As previously mentioned—too much proteins can kick you out of ketosis.

Because our bodies have a metabolic process named gluconeogenesis. And gluconeogenesis is a process that turns proteins into carbs. When protein turns into carbs, it means you’re not in ketosis.

This is a huge mistake. I’ve seen many people eating 20g carbs, and some proteins and assumed they are in Ketosis, but aren’t.

Not only does gluconeogenesis knocks you out of Ketosis, it can cause your body to constantly switch between burning fat for fuel and using protein, which can lead to the infamous “keto flu” and high levels of fatigue. In short, make sure you find your protein threshold level.

CHANGE #3: Avoid eating low quality fats

Sure you might get into light nutritional ketosis with low-quality fats as long as your macros check out, but that’s not healthy optimal ketosis.

You’ll end up paying for it long-term.. and you’ll likely feel pretty bad.

Healthy, high-quality fats are important for proper brain, hormone, and other bodily functions. Since your fat content is now 80-90% of your whole diet, you want it to be high quality.

If you’re eating a lot of processed foods like bacon, packaged sausages, and cheese products, it’s time to switch those out for whole fat foods.

But that’s not all, …

Most People Never Induce Optimal Ketosis Even After Making The Above Changes Because To Reach Level 3 Ketosis You Have To Follow A Stricter Version Of Keto And Consume MORE Fat!

That’s right, .

The secret to escaping the “insulin-fat storage” trap is to consume a diet that is composed of 90% high-quality fats...

… because more fat fills you up more and ensures you eat less protein and even less carbohydrate.

So your insulin levels drop, the stubborn weight-loss plateau is overcome and you reach optimal ketosis.

Now, I know you may find the thought of consuming MORE fat daunting—after all you’ve already been consuming a lot of fat.

So how could you possibly consume more?

Fortunately, consuming more fat isn’t as difficult as it sounds… nor does it take time… or require much will-power.

No, .

All You Have To Do Is Consume A 90% Fat Rich Diet And You’ll Induce Optimal Ketosis In Just 72 Hours And Effortlessly Break Your Weight-Loss Plateau!

Why is it that easy?

Because you’re already in Level 2 Ketosis.

All you need now is an “extra” push to induce Level 3 Ketosis—so you can reduce your insulin levels and effortlessly burn off your unwanted fat.

So how can you quickly and safely get this “extra” push?

By Following A Stricter And More Powerful Version Of Keto Known As “Speed Keto Breakthrough”

, Speed Keto is an almost zero-carb, 90% Fat Diet designed to induce Optimal Ketosis and major fat loss —in just 72 hours.

And, best of all?

It’s proven and tested — so all you have to do is choose from the 50+ easy 90% fat rich recipes and combos (with special macros and almost no carbs)—and in just 72 hours you’ll lower your insulin levels and break your weight-loss stall!

In other words…

You’ll be able to reach a deeper state of Ketosis in just one weekend, finally melt away your unwanted fat, and fit in those jeans again.

How Can “Speed Keto” Break Your Weight-Loss Stall In Just 72 Hours?

Because Speed Keto isn’t your standard version of Keto.

No, .

Unlike the Classic Ketogenic Diet you’re currently on, Speed Keto is a much more STRICTER and POWERFUL version of Keto designed for those who are stuck at a keto weight loss stall, due to a stubborn or broken metabolism, and need a stricter approach to induce a deeper state of Ketosis.

And because you’ve been struggling to reach Optimal Ketosis…

I’m making it available to you because it’s broken down into 3 easy parts that work together to take your body from Level 2 Ketosis to Level 3.

Here’s Exactly How Speed Keto Takes You From Level 2 Ketosis To Level 3:

Part #1: The “Speed Keto” Method

Our in-house expert describes what Optimal Ketosis is, how it works and how it helped her jump-start her keto weight loss and help her lose over 30 pounds!

The powerful, science-backed “Speed Keto” - why and how it works

The secret to getting even more fat loss from your plan

Advanced strategies for incorporating the “Speed Keto” into your long term low carb/keto diet plans

Part #2: Easy-to-Follow Menus and Meal Plans

5 Days of sample Speed Keto menus, a shopping list and meal planner

Optimal 7-Day transition-back-to-your-regular-keto meal plan

Part #3: The Delicious High Nutritional Speed Keto Fat Recipes

50+ easy 90% fat rich Speed Keto recipes and food combos: drinks, sauces and spreads, breakfast, salads, just veggies, snacks, soups and sides, main courses, desserts, fat bombs and instant snacks

Includes easy to find foods and ingredients you’ll need for your Speed Keto recipes whether you purchase them in your local supermarket or farmers market

As soon as you follow “Speed Keto” you’ll transition from Level 2 Ketosis to Level 3 and break your weight loss stall and melt away your unwanted body fat in just 72 hours!

But Don’t Take My Word For It! Judge For Yourself Why Speed Keto Is The Perfect Solution For Your Weight-Loss Stall

Speed Keto works because it’s a much stricter and effective version of the Classic Ketogenic Diet—so you can quickly and effectively push your body into Optimal Ketosis in just 72 hours (or less) by consuming a 90% Fat Rich Diet.

And best of all?

Speed Keto has absolutely nothing to do with intermittent fasting which forces you to go hungry or HIIT which is so intense that it often leaves you tired and ready to give up, and permanently stuck in a weight-loss plateau…

Just take a look for yourself:

As a result , even though Speed Keto is a stricter version of Keto—it STILL allows food to keep you FULL while depleting your body of any remaining glycogen (and lowering insulin levels) so you go deep into Optimal Ketosis. And lose all your unwanted fat quickly and without frustration.  

In other words, Speed Keto (unlike Intermittent Fasting and HIIT) works even IF:

You still want to consume your favorite foods

You don’t have any time to exercise

You don’t want to starve yourself and go hungry

You’ve been stuck in a weight loss stall for a while

You’re wanting to lose a lot of weight

You’re not a big fan of diet and exercise

You need to lose weight FAST and effortlessly

This is why Speed Keto is the easiest, most effective method for inducing Optimal Ketosis in 72 hours or less , as it results in significantly greater fat loss—not just weight loss, but fat loss—of over a pound per day than any of the other inferior methods such as Intermittent Fasting and/or HIIT.

And because of this…

Even Jane With Her “Stubborn Metabolism” Was Able To Easily Break Her Weight-Loss Stall In Just 72 Hours With Speed Keto

, when Jane first came to us, she had lost 10 lbs after being on keto for 3 months. And as you can imagine, she was thrilled with the way clothes looked on her and how healthy she was becoming and feeling.

Unfortunately, this feeling didn’t last long.

Because shortly thereafter Jane’s weight-loss went stagnant.

She went from losing 0.5-1 pound a week to hitting a plateau. No matter what she tried or did—the number on the scale wouldn’t budge.

And for good reason.

Jane was in Level 2 Ketosis and required an extra push to induce Level 3 Ketosis.

However, she didn’t realize this at the time…

Instead, she continued consuming her fat-rich diet.

Limiting carbs.

And monitoring her protein intake.

But it wasn’t enough.

Worse, she wasn’t doing an adequate enough job limiting her protein intake so her body started converting amino acids into glucose—resulting in an insulin boost and even weight-gain.

That’s right, .

Jane started putting on fat despite following the Keto Diet (for reasons discussed earlier).

Desperately seeking answers and searching for a solution, Jane took the Simple Keto Test and discovered the surprising truth…

Even though she had been following the Keto Diet, her body was stuck in Level 2 Ketosis and she needed to follow a more STRICTER version of Keto to induce Optimal Ketosis—so she could defeat her stubborn metabolism and continue losing weight.

After following “Speed Keto”—Jane immediately put into action what she learned and finally broke her weight-loss stall in just 72 hours.

She went from facing a tough to crack weight-loss stall to shedding one pound a day with “Speed Keto” and more importantly reached her weight-loss goal of dropping 40 lbs!

All because she followed a stricter version of Keto to induce optimal ketosis.

, Imagine Entering Optimal Ketosis And Breaking Your Weight Loss Stall And Losing Your Unwanted Body-Fat In Just 72 Hours!

Jane’s story isn’t unique or special…

Truth is, thousands of people just like Jane have been using “Speed Keto” to induce Optimal Ketosis and break their weight-loss stall.

Think about how great it would feel to be one of them, .

Imagine making simple diet changes for just 72 hours and stepping on the bathroom scale. And noticing the pounds drop more and more with each new sunrise.

Imagine how much more confident this would make you feel.

How much more joy it would give you.

How other people will look at you.

And more importantly:

How you would look at yourself.

All this and more is possible when you use “Speed Keto” to break your weight-loss stall and induce Optimal Ketosis.

But that’s not all, .

Because I Want To Help Your Body Stay In Optimal Ketosis So You Can Lose All Your Unwanted Body-Fat, I Also Want To Give You 5 Special Bonuses Alongside The “Speed Keto” Method

BONUS #1: Downloadable Speed Keto Food Tracker

Speed Keto will push your body into Optimal Ketosis.

And break your weight-loss stall.

But in order to lose MAXIMUM weight, it’s recommended that you use this Speed Keto Food Tracker to keep track of the foods you consume so you can keep track of your progress and reach your weight-loss goals faster.

BONUS #2: Speed Keto Grocery List

Speed Keto is a stricter and more powerful version of Keto, so it’s important you buy the right type of fat rich foods.

Fortunately, the Speed Keto Grocery List makes this as easy as it can be.

Simply take this list with you to the grocery store and purchase any of the foods on the list and consume them until you’ve lost all your unwanted body fat. By doing so, not only will you quickly break your weight-loss stall, but you’ll finally reach your ideal weight. Once and for all.

BONUS #3: Speed Keto 14 Day Plan

Speed Keto works, and it works fast (within 72 hours).

But if you’re wanting to continue to stay in Deep Ketosis, then you require a long term Speed Keto Plan.

This 14 Day Speed Keto Plan is exactly that as it shows you what to do and when so you keep losing weight. Day after day. Week after week. Month after month.

BONUS #4: Speed Keto Exercises

Although exercise isn’t necessary for those on the Speed Keto plan (since it works with or without exercise), you can still combine your Speed Keto Diet with these exercises to lose maximum calories.

BONUS #5: 108 Foods That’ll Slow Down Your Fat Loss

In addition to the 50+ recipes you’re receiving with the “Speed Keto Method”, I’m also giving you a list of 108 foods that will push you OUT of deep Ketosis


Not only will these foods keep you in Level 2 Ketosis, but they’ll destroy any weight loss success you’ve had to date. And keep you permanently trapped in your weight-loss stall.

Now, it’s very important you get your hands on this cheat sheet because you probably have MOST of these foods sitting inside your kitchen cabinet right now (and have been eating them thinking they’re okay to consume while on Keto).

Truth is, they’re not. And the faster you stop consuming these 108 foods, the quicker you’ll see results with Speed Keto.

Now, collectively the “Speed Keto” method alongside the 5 bonuses would cost you $187.

And truthfully, it’d be a small price to pay because you’d be able to easily enter optimal ketosis, break your weight loss stall and melt away as many pounds as you desire.

But I’m not going to ask you to invest that much.

No, .

I know how much frustration this weight-loss plateau has caused you…

How much stress and worries it has brought you.

And I also know how desperately you want to get rid of your unwanted weight.

How amazing it would make you feel.

How much pride it would give you.

And because of this, I’m not going to ask you for $175…

Or $100…

Or $75…

Or even $50…

Even though I know you wouldn’t mind trading me this amount in exchange for effortless weight-loss, I want to make this decision a complete no-brainer for you.

That’s why I’m going to give you the “Speed Keto” Method AND Bonus 1: Downloadable Speed Keto Food Tracker; Bonus 2: Speed Keto Grocery List; Bonus 3: Speed Keto 14 Day Plan; Bonus 4: Speed Keto Exercises; 5: 108 Foods That’ll Slow Down Your Fat Loss, for a small, one-time commitment fee of just $39!

I think you’ll agree this is an easy number to say “yes” to.

So Go Ahead And Say Yes To “Speed Keto” Alongside Your 5 Special Bonuses Right Away,

This is the most important step you have to take if you want to break your weight-loss stall, induce Level 3 Ketosis and burn away your unwanted fat.

Opportunities like these don’t come every day.

And now is your chance to take advantage.

So go ahead and take the first step.

Get your hands on “Speed Keto” today and follow the stricter version of Keto for just 72 hours and you’ll effortlessly break your weight-loss stall, induce Optimal Ketosis and shed away your unwanted body fat!

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What exactly is Speed Keto?

Speed Keto is a stricter and more powerful version of Keto, consisting of an almost zero-carb, 90% Fat Diet designed to induce Optimal Ketosis and major fat loss—in just 72 hours.

And, best of all?

It’s proven and tested—so all you have to do is choose from the 50+ easy 90% fat rich recipes and combos (with special macros and almost no carbs)—and in just 72 hours you’ll lower your insulin levels and break your weight-loss stall!

2. How does Speed Keto differ from Intermittent Fasting and the HIIT method?

Unlike Intermittent Fasting which requires you to go hungry or HIIT which is far too demanding, Speed Keto allows you to still eat the foods you love and feel full while glycogen is depleted from your body. This in return lowers your insulin levels and results in significantly greater fat loss—not just weight loss, but fat loss—of over a pound per day than any of the other inferior methods such as Intermittent Fasting and/or HIIT.

3. Who is Speed Keto designed for?

Speed Keto is designed for a low carber who is stuck at a keto weight-loss plateau for 2-3 weeks or more, due to a stubborn or broken metabolism, and needs a stricter approach to induce a deeper state of Ketosis.

4. What to expect when following Speed Keto?

Rapid weight/fat loss. Since fat loss depends on your current weight and body fat percentage, you can expect to lose up to a pound a day while on Speed Keto. And for people with more weight and a higher fat percentage, you can lose more than just a few extra pounds.

5. Is it safe to go on Speed Keto?

Yes, it’s 100% safe to go on our plan. The technique in Speed Keto have been used successfully by low carbers for decades. The science is solid; the methods work.

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